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Can you trust an unqualified individual who’s still in med-school for medical advice? Of course not! So, why do we treat our locks and keys differently? Considering how these components are the very fabric of our security, entrusting them to a locksmith service specialist is a must – because jobs like these are just not meant for amateurs.

However, this is something many individuals in Alexandria, VA area fail to understand! A key breaks; you simply get a new one made from the nearest hardware shop only to find it broken again in a few months. When you choose to trade off quality to bring in affordability, the results are definitely not what they should be. That is why, when it comes to locksmith services, it’s always advisable to choose the best, choose Locksmith Service Alexandria VA. Being the leading locksmithing company in the region, we’re renowned for our superior quality solutions and on-time service delivery at affordable rates.


24-hour service:

Locks and keys, seemingly robust and undefeatable, have their share of shortcomings. You never know when a key would break or a lock would jam shutting you out of your own property. When we first started out, there was a huge void left in the locksmith industry, as there were no 24-hour emergency services. That’s why, we decided to disrupt the industry, and set up a dedicated 24/7 unit that works relentlessly to serve client needs, as and when required. Whether you’ve lost a key and need a new one made in the middle of the night, or are simply unavailable for a periodic lock check during the day, we’ll be there to deliver exceptional locksmith service.

Multifaceted locksmith service:

If you take a moment to count the number of locks and keys you handle on a daily basis, you’ll be baffled. From locking your safe, your front door, your car to your office cabin, you use them everywhere in different variants. Hiring a specialist for getting a car key made or a safe installed from a different company each time may not exactly be easy. That’s why Locksmith Service Alexandria VA combines it all under one roof, covering a full service range, right from automotive to commercial locksmith service. We can make you new keys, lend advice on bolstering your security framework, install new locks, fix doors and more, making us the one-stop locksmith service shop in Alexandria, VA area.

Our core service offerings:

  • Locksmith Service Alexandria VA Alexandria, VA 703-995-0900All types of keys made
  • Lock-related issues resolution
  • Emergency lockout solutions
  • Emergency unlocking of all locks
  • Recommendations on latest locks
  • Expert security advice
  • Door repair and installation
  • 24-hour helpline for emergencies
  • Eviction services
  • High-security car keys made

If reliable, timely and affordable locksmith service is what you ask for; then you need to waste no time in calling Locksmith Service Alexandria VA on 703-995-0900!