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Locksmith Service Alexandria VA Alexandria, VA 703-995-0900Turn the pages of history to go back in time and you’ll come across innumerable instances of fatal accidents that could have been circumvented had there been a proper means to exit the property. Fire explosions, earthquakes and other scenarios, have in the past, resulted in casualties, simply because the entrapped victims were unable to get out of the building in quick time. The realization for the need of mandatory exit systems came about at the end of the 20th century and most countries regulated their building codes in accordance with it. Today, exit locks are to be compulsorily installed in every public building or any place that receives a large number of footfalls. One of the most commonly used means of providing a safe exit during emergencies include push bars.

If you’re in need of high-quality push bars and want to get them installed in your premises, then you need to get in touch with Locksmith Service Alexandria VA – a leading agency that is known for its comprehensive locksmith solutions.

Howdo push barswork?

A push bar comprises a simple mechanism that aids in unlocking of the door quickly in an emergency. A spring-loaded bar is attached to the system, which when pushed with the exertion of a small force, unlocks the door, allowing the occupants to exit the property quickly.

In panic-inducing situations, people enter a mass hysteria and the complete chaos will dissuade any one from making a disciplined exit. Also, fumbling for keys and battling the locks to get out isn’t exactly possible in such events. With push bar’s fast-acting mechanism, the door will unlock even if the crowd throws itself at it, making it a viable choice for emergency exits.

How secure are push bars against break-ins?

For all that’s said and done about the importance of push bars in a commercial establishment, most do have misgivings pertaining to it. If they can be opened so easily, doesn’t that mean that they puncture a gaping hole in your security? While that’s the common assumption, it cannot be farther from the truth. Push bars are built to operate one-way i.e. they cannot be opened from the outside. If you’re still concerned about security, ask Locksmith Service Alexandria VA. We install safe, secure and reliable push bars in Alexandria, VA, so that your safety as well as security standards remain uncompromised.

What we offer?

It is vital to offer maximum protection against theft while at the same time ensure safety during an unexpected crisis. That’s why install best-in-class push bars, sourced from top manufacturers. Further, we offer regular maintenance checks to keep them in optimum working condition and to eliminate any chances of inviting penalties from the authorities for poorly-maintained exit systems. You can also call us in for 24-hour services, be it for repairs or installation.

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