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Locksmith Service Alexandria VA Alexandria, VA 703-995-0900Unknown to you, there might be several copies of your keys in circulation. Even if you’re the first occupant of the home, contractors still have a copy of the keys to your place and in case the property has passed several hands, there’s no telling how many people might hold access into your home. Consider this: you hand over a spare key to your neighbors to gain access in cases of emergencies, but what if you have a fall out with them? Can you trust them not to use the key against you? To circumvent such situations, it’s wise to always re-key locks to bar access to anyone who might have a hold on your keys. How? Ask Locksmith Service Alexandria VA and we’ll help you with that!

How is rekeying locks achieved?

Instead of a complete lock replacement, rekeying involves removing the internal pin configuration and replacing it with a completely new set. Comparatively cost-effective as opposed to a new installation, you won’t find many locksmith companies in Alexandria, VA area suggesting it in order to push customers towards acquiring a new lock – but not us! We take a look at your locks, and if it has the potential to be rekeyed, we go ahead and do it, making you a new set of keys alongside, thus allowing you to get the job done in an affordable manner.

Benefits of rekeying locks:

  • Highly affordable
  • You can regain control over your keys
  • Old keys cannot be misused
  • Your locks are renewed
  • Your security goes a notch higher
  • You can re-key locksto a master key system

DIYvs. expert solutions

If you explore the market, you’ll find it filled with dozens of options to re-key locks by yourself. From DIY kits to online tutorials, you may find resources you need to carry out the procedure by yourself. Sure, the attempt can save you a few bucks, but is it recommended? No! Do it wrong and you risk damaging your entire lock, warranting the need for it to be replaced.  Besides, the locking systems sold with claims of being easily rekeyed are a strict no-no. Imagine how easy it would be to bypass the security on such locks. That’s why it’s wise to not fall for such gimmicks and rope in a professional locksmith from Locksmith Service Alexandria VA to handle it for you.

24/7 locks rekeying service

In order to cater to the emergency needs of both residential and commercial clients in the area, we work 24/7. Whether you’ve just evicted a tenant or have experienced a break-in that warrants the need for re-key locks service in the middle of the night, you can count on us to delivery. Running a mobile service in Alexandria, VA area, we can reach your location in swift time and deliver the solutions you need even if it’s at 2 am, without charging anything extra.

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